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The iconic Monaco square chronograph will be remembered by watch enthusiasts as the year 1969, when the Moon Landing was the main event of the year.

Monaco was the first square, angular wristwatch of its kind. The case was also made water-resistant, a first for square watches. And the Calibre 11 movement was revolutionary. Calibre 11 was what Heuer called the movement (Fake Watches) but some may know it as Chronomatic. This was the self winding chronograph from the consortium that included Breitling Buren Hamilton Heuer Dubois Depraz.

In 1970, racing driver Jo Siffert wore the Monaco watch at a race. She was the first racing driver sponsored by a brand of watches. The watch was then re-established on the silver screen, when Steve McQueen, the coolest man alive, wore it in the film Le Mans.

Heuer's advertising of the time simply called the new Monaco "Avant-garde" with a Swiss understatement. Le seul chronographe automatique carre du monde!" (Translation: "Avant-garde! The only automatic square chronograph in the World!" Aligned with the name, the second tagline was very promising: "Monaco - everywhere has its place: as well at the wheel of Formula 1 race cars and at the gala evenings at Casino!

In the mid-'60s, the average size of a watch was between 36 and 34 mm. The style of the Monaco was a bomb that hit the conservative watch world,Patek Philippe replica watches creating a love-hate relationship with many. The design was certainly bold and edgy with its convex and concave surfaces, as well as alternating brushed-and-polished surfaces.

The Monaco was launched in 1969 and has since been available in a variety of styles. However, racing will always be the category associated with this watch. We'll take a look at three Replica Rolex Cellini Monacos with racing-inspired designs.

Brand sponsorship in racing can create long-lasting relationships that in turn can lead to iconic color schemes and designs for racing cars. Consider John Player Special with the Lotus Formula 1 Team, or Gulf Oil and our Porsche 917 driven Pedro Rodriguez and Heuer Brand Ambassador Jo Siffert.