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Roger Dubuis Replica

The Roger Dubuis Replica was designed to solve this problem. It had a clutch, and a function selector button (located in the middle crown), which could be used to switch gears, either to wind the watch or set the time, or stay in neutral. In neutral (N), there is no connection between the crown and the movement. When the selector is set to W, the watch can wound.tudor replica If set to H (hand-set), the watch can set. The time-setting mechanism was designed in a modular way to go with the selector. Richard designed this outside the main movement for ease of maintenance, as it only required the back of watch to be removed. The minute and hour hands could not be removed.

Audemars-Piguet Royal Oak Concept Watch CW1 was also released at the same time as the Roger Dubuis Replica. The Roger Dubuis Replica movement and the CW1 movement are both produced by Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi. It is therefore understandable that questions have been asked about who was the first.

Richard was as usual, completely transparent about the entire process. He never hesitated to reveal who did what. Patek Philippe and the manufacturer were both involved in the joint effort.

The Roger Dubuis Replica is distinguished by its innovative design and the combination of traditional and new finishing. Take the spoked backplate of the watch. It is reminiscent of an engine. It is designed in a way that is reminiscent of an engine plate.Roger Dubuis Replica The finishing is traditional. Richard has used the frosted plates and black polishing that have been a part of watch decorations for centuries to create something new. In terms of design, a engine plate is similar to a watch face. It seems obvious today, but it was not finished or looked the same at the time.

The use of black PVD plates and brushed metal surfaces offset the traditional technique. The Roger Dubuis Replica adopted the black titanium PVD plates as standard after the Roger Dubuis Replica. The PVD titanium plates brought with them a new set of issues in watchmaking. The open-worked movement plate would show even the smallest mistakes made by the watchmaker when constructing the movement. Even the smallest screwdriver slip, a dropped bolt, or a crack from overtightening an adjacent plate are all possible. The baseplate would be scrapped if there was any fault. It was understandable that the search for a new materials began. Not only for the Formula 1 aesthetic and ethos, but also for practical issues in watchmaking relating to finish and implementation.

The "spines" on a RM002/003 rear plate are black polished

RM003 after the initial backplate is removed, showing DLC, plates made of frosted or black polished spokes and the gear selector.