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Sinn Replica without the backplates showing the main spring, carbon nanofiber baseplate and the main spring.

After the Sinn Replica, the change to the carbon-nanofiber baseplate helped improve the robustness of baseplate. It also brought with it new challenges.Sinn Replica The surface of the nanofiber carbon was scratch-resistant. It was so scratch-resistant that the cutting tools used to cut the intricate pattern on the Sinn Replica baseplate were worn out.

Close up view of the Sinn Replica reveals a new interpretation of the carbon nanofibre plate combined with a case made of microblasted titanium.

Second, there is another problem. If you try to screw a plate or bridge to the material, it will act like sand. You can machine the hole, and even make a screw track, but the two surfaces will not bind together.

The screw will loosen over time. Another solution was needed. Inserts are glued into the nanofiber (using the same adhesive as used in the Airbus A380 construction,Blancpain Replica Watches I should add). Bridges and plates are then adhered to the surface. Richard had to be creative in the same way the Formula 1 team was when it came to incorporating carbon into the Formula 1 car's structural parts. This was evident in his most popular racing watch on the wrist, the Sinn Replica.

Richard launched the GMT version of this watch at the same time: the RM 003. The design and layout are similar, but with a second disk for the time zone. A pusher was located on the left-hand side of the case to move the disk forward. The readout of the data was straightforward and simple. Richard had wanted it that way. No tricks!